Tuesday, 20 September 2011

45 Years Old

As soon as "The Slice" (it looks like a slice of bread to us) was in our driveway we wanted to go camping.  Not only did we have to work, it was winter,but there was stuff that needed to be done with the trailer before we could bring it out for the first time.  Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures of the inside when we first got it, but we did take some video.  Looks pretty good for being 45 years old! 

Monday, 19 September 2011

A Winter Throught Comes True.

Where we live there's a lot of time to think in the winter.  My husband Chris and I think about summer.  A lot.  In the winter when there's 5 feet of snow outside and it's freezing, our thoughts are always on the day when we can finally go camping and snorkeling.  So on a particularly cold and snowy day Chris says he thinks we should get a travel trailer.  Up until then we have been tenting it for the past 10 years which was fine and dandy but as you get older there are some things you wish you had.  Like room to stand up and get changed, a sink with water and a bed that's up off the ground.  So we began the search.  It was in March when we started to look for a trailer and we knew what we wanted. It had to be small, didn't have to much work to be done with it, and it had to be within budget.  We did most of our searching online and found a few to look at, but they all had something wrong with them that we didn't want to tackle.  Finally a few weeks after looking for one we found The One.  It's a 1966 Avalon.  There was a bit of work to be done with it, probably more then we wanted but we're so glad we found it. 

Here's a couple pictures of our Avalon on her first day in our driveway.

Our truck was ready and we were ready, but the weather was not.